Thursday, March 14, 2013

Obama to Allow Spies Access to Your Bank Accounts -- And Why Not

I just read a recent article reporting that Obama's administration is planning to allow United States spy agencies access to Americans' banking accounts.  Seriously?!?

My first thought, other than how tired I am of this administration, is why does Obama think he has the right to provide access to MY bank accounts to anyone?  The answer is way too simple; he does have that right!  Yes, I said it, Obama has the RIGHT to provide access to my financial accounts to anyone he pleases.  That is what a dictator does.  HE has rights to your property, your labor, your time, and your very life and you DO NOT!  

Oh well, this really is just another link  in Obama's chains of tyranny.  Why not have access to our bank accounts?  He already took away our health care, taxed us into oblivion, drove up food, gas, and energy prices, destroyed the value of our 401k's, tightly controls the media, created and heavily armed a civilian army against us, oh, and did I mention he also marked us all for death?

After all that (and I am sure I forgot lots of other lost rights) why not take over complete control of our finances as well?  It just makes sense.  I  have been warning people about this destruction of EVERYTHING for decades.  This is not new.  Frankly, I am surprised he waited so long.

To Obama I say, go to hell.  To anyone, alive or dead who voted for this moron, I say the same.  Yes, I believe a tremendous amount of voter fraud occurred to get this ignorant jerk elected and then re-elected.

To any law-abiding American subjects reading this I say enjoy whatever liberty you think you have left while you can because I can say with all certainty that it is nothing more than illusion.  You are not free.  Not even close.  Enjoy the illusion anyway.

To all of you who say, "well you are free to express your opinion about these issues on this blog" keep in mind, Obama doesn't even know this blog exists.  If he ever does it won't anymore, he can promise you that.      


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Drone Exectutions Coming Soon to an America Near You

The American government Department of Homeland Security (Gestapo) now has drones specifically designed to track Americans, cell phones and citizens carrying guns. Gee, I wonder how that relates to that same government agency purchasing armored mine-resistant vehicles and 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition?  Tyranny anyone?!?

Obviouly, these drones will be used to track and eventually kill Americans since the Obama administration has now declared it to be legal for it to assassinate Americans with drones on American soil.  And let me be clear; it doesn't matter if the Americans tracked and killed are law-abiding or not.  Let that aspect not enter the discussion.  What matters is that a free country doesn't track it's citizens; any of them.  Dictatorships are another matter however.     

It also doesn't matter to this discussion that the drones track people carrying guns.  Guns are not a problem, they are a solution.  Why would anyone want "solution control" other than to enslave us?  The drones should be struggling to track gun-toting Americans anyway because we should all be carrying guns.  It is our God-given OBLIGATION to defend ourselves and our family members from evil and a gun is the best self-defense tool available.  Firearms truly are a great equalizer; that's why your government hates them.

So next time you are walking down the street, remember, there could be a drone overhead tracking you and targeting you for death.  This is no joke.  This is your current state of the union.   

Monday, March 4, 2013

Armored Vehicles America? Really?!?

The Department of Homeland Security has just purchased 2700 light armored vehicles like the one pictured here.

Why would a government entity need to do such a thing you ask?  The ONLY possible answer is tyranny. Think about it.  No legitimate police activity justifies the use of military equipment being used against citizens. 

Riot control you say.  Really?!?  Yes, riots can be controlled with such vehicles but riots are best controlled by not screwing around with people's freedom.  Riot control starts by doing what the people who elected you want you to do.  Remember when America was a country of the people, by the people, for the people?  I don't.

And keep in mind that the same Department of Homeland Security (Gestapo) also recently purchased 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition.  Is pistol ammunition even arguably a moral or just riot deterrent?  I think not. 

The simple fact is this; your government is preparing for a war on its own soil against YOU.  No other reasonable explanation exists.  None.  They know that the American people will fight a gun ban; they know the American people will fight food, fuel, and energy rationing; and they know the American people will fight to freely worship in the religion of their own choice.  The government has known these inescapable facts for two and a half centuries and now doesn't really care.   If it wasn't so horrifying it would be funny.  All the things that make us "American" are directly and openly threatened by the American government.  The very entity charged by law to protect us is the one that threatens us the most. 

This is why I have argued for years that the most important, and unfortunately underrated, Amendment to the Constitution is the Third which abolishes the quartering of troops among us.  Make no mistake, that is what is happening here. The government is quartering troops among us even though doing so is patently unconstitutional -- and EVIL. 

The truth is easy to see as long as you actually look.  Your government is coming for your guns, life, liberty, and religion and when it does, it will come violently and mercilessly.  Why else would it so actively be arming itself?                 


Friday, November 2, 2012

Government Can't (or Won't) Save You

Hurricane Sandy is a valuable lesson but, unfortunately, that lesson will be completely ignored by this country.  What can we possibly learn, you ask?  The answer is simple.  Never rely on government for your survival.
Here are some recent articles:

They Forgot About Us
Drivers Waiting for 6 Hours to Buy Gas
Mile Long Lines and $6.00 a Gallon
'We Need Food, We Need Clothing' Staten Island Residents Plead for Help

Hurricane Sandy has basically crippled parts of our moronically liberal North East.  That is awesome.  These idiots didn't prepare so they are now out of gasoline, food, and clean water.  No I am not enjoying the suffering of these people but I am enjoying that their liberal policies are once again proven to fail.
The various federal, state, and local governments are doing virtually nothing to help these people and the people have spent so many years relying on these governments for food, shelter, clothing, power, and everything else under sun that they are incapable of providing for themselves.  Instead they are stealing from each other, attacking each other, and freaking out that their government has abandoned them.  And even better is that the anti-gun policies for which they voted have now disarmed them so they cannot protect themselves from such crime.   

Vote conservative next time. 

Conservatives prepare for such disasters.  We save, plan, and ultimately rely on ourselves, not government, to protect, shelter, and feed us.  We persevere and rebuild, not complain in the face of disaster.  Most importantly though, we arm ourselves.  We are not helpless victims and we do not beg.  We help others who are hungry and cold and we protect those that cannot protect themselves.  If a disaster of this magnitude happened in Idaho, Wyoming, or Utah you can bet the resulting crimes would be much lower than in liberal states and the outcry for government assistance would be a far quieter affair.

Unfortunate, these liberals are, by definition, idiots.  They will continue to look to government to save them and even though he parties with celebrities and flies around the world while they suffer in the streets these liberal idiots will re-elect their king Obama, next week. 

So what have we learned here today?  Sadly, nothing.  Conservatives reading this article already knew the lessons discussed and the liberals reading it never will.      

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Told You So -- Gun Control Coming Soon

I told you Obama would push for gun control. What a joke this guy is. As I predicted he is calling for more restrictive background checks even though such checks would not have stopped the recent Batman movie massacre and would not prevent criminals from stealing guns. More restrictions on purchasing firearms would only cause millions of law-abiding citizens to be disarmed and helpless.

Bloomberg is even dumber than Obama though. This idiot is actually calling for police officers nationwide to go on strike until the citizenry disarms itself. Here is a little tip, genius. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN!!! Police officers won't go on strike and the people will not disarm. Even if forced, we, as a whole, will not disarm. Moreover, police officers want people to be armed and they need people to be armed. People legally possessing firearms prevent far more crime than police officers ever could. Its simply about raw numbers. More guns = less crime.

If these idiots had their way, every American citizen would be disarmed and as helpless as children. That is what these evil men want. History has repeatedly proven that disarming a population is the most effective means of controlling and dominating it.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Batman = The End of an Era

Today is the very dark day in America when the Second Amendment died.  Mark your calendars and fondly remember the bygone days where a man was free to defend himself, his family, and others from evil.  Those days are now history.

As you have certainly already heard, a gunman opened fire during a premier of the new Batman movie.  He killed at least 13 people as of this writing

As any idiot could predict, this shooting has the liberals are already screaming about gun control.  There is simply no time to mourn the dead when politics is afoot.

There are two, and only two, possibilities here.  Now I am never wrong on gun control so pay attention.  

Possibility Number One -- Obama will be re-elected and he WILL BAN GUNS.  Even if our flaccid congress tries to stop him from outright gun bans he will use oppressively high taxes on ammunition, components, and anything else gun-related, environmental and land use regulations, various executive orders, and force international treaties down our throats until gun ownership, or at least use, is untenable by all but the very richest of Americans.  Guns will effectively be banned by limiting available types, places to shoot, making ammunition prohibitively expensive, etc.  If you doubt me then you have not purchased ammunition in the last five years.  Prices have already doubled, and is some cases, have risen even higher.

Possibility Number Two -- Golden Boy Romney will be elected and his true colors will finally be revealed.  Make no mistake, this guy is liberal to the core.  He only switched sides a few years ago because liberals have been infiltrating the Republican Party as part of their scorched Earth plans.  Romney pretends to support gun ownership but he lied.  He too will ban guns, though he may at least wait for a second term to do so.  Once he does start moving toward gun control he will not allow international treaties to do his dirty work however.  He will persuade our morons in congress to pass gun control similar to Clinton's failed Federal Assault Weapons Ban.  Prepare for limits in magazine capacity, longer waiting periods, increased restrictions on eligibility, and newer (safer and more reliable) guns to be outlawed.  Ammunition is also sure to be heavily taxed into rarity.

If either candidate tries an outright gun ban like we saw in England and Australia civil war would be the result so don't expect such boldness from either of these lunatics.  Both are patient enough to destroy our gun rights slowly and methodically.  Most people won't even notice it's happening until it is far too late.  They simply cannot be distracted from their beloved celeb-u-tards on reality television. 

In any event, you can now kiss your already dying Second Amendment goodbye.  Maybe its time to learn how to fight with sticks and rocks.  Of course, thanks to our bloodthirsty nature that would inevitably cause the human race to create a board with a nail in it so big, to doom mankind.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Is This Idiot (Obama) For Real?

Obama recently said that no American businessman can take credit for their success in life.  Sorry, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Lance Armstrong, and Jon Huntsman Sr., government gets the credit for your success.  You didn't build your empires, government did -- at least according to Supreme Overlord Obama.  

No, this garbage is not a joke.  Its the state of the Union if you haven't been paying attention.  In as serious a tone as any Obama recently stated, "If you’ve got a business -- you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen."   And just when you think he couldn't say anything more stupid than that he insulted all entrepreneurial success with the worst analogy ever used by a sitting president.  He said, "There are some things, just like fighting fires, we don’t do on our own.  I mean, imagine if everybody had their own fire service.  That would be a hard way to organize fighting fires.

Wow.  Who does this moron think he is kidding?  Who is the audience that is stupid enough to lap up this garbage?

Obama's statements opposing self-reliance show just how far off the deep end of stupidity he has gone.  Very few successful businessmen owe their success to government.  Frankly, I can't think of anyone that succeeded in their chosen field as a result of someone else's hard work.  Yes, they had employees, advisers, investors, etc., but to claim that they succeeded because of those other people is ludicrous.  The real formula is quite simple.  Successful people succeeded because THEY WORKED REALLY HARD.

I guess the sarcastic takeaway here is that no matter how hard you worked, no matter how long you struggled, no matter how much of your hard-earned money you spent to afford government taxes and to adhere to oppressive government regulations, you simply did not succeed on your own. You have government to thank for your success, not to curse for the numerous barriers it puts in your path.

After the sarcasm wears off there is really only one good response.  Sorry, Obama.  Once again you are full of it.

On an unrelated note, I am starting my own fire service so if anyone needs me to put out a fire for them please email me right away. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

America is Dead!

The United States Supreme Court just ruled that Obamacare is legal.  That's right, your government can FORCE you to buy health insurance under the threats of imprisonment and confiscation of property and they will send armed agents to enforce this law.

Read it here --

If any of my readers ever doubted my cries about the death of liberty in this country you certainly cannot doubt now.  And get this, these moron justices ruled that Obamacare is in actuality a tax and that Americans cannot refuse to pay taxes.  This is after even Obama himself declared that Obamacare is not a tax.    

The fallout of this ruling is going to be very interesting.  Many of us, including me, will not pay the fine.  I will fight in every possible way and even go to prison for the rest of my life rather than pay it.  If they take it out of my bank account, retirement plan, or paycheck, I will be sure to take back what they stole.

The only hope I can see is if the upcoming election results in Republicans retaking the House and Presidency and repealing this horrible law.  The problem there is that now Obama will be re-elected -- unless the people of this country are as shocked and outraged as I.  Don't hold your breath on that one though.  Most of America is too overly-medicated and hooked on reality TV dating and talent shows to even know their country just fell.  Another problem with waiting for the election to lead to repealing this law is that most Republicans in office are liberal and they won't do it.  Romney is more liberal than Bill Clinton.  Remember he invented government-mandated health care.  Sure, they may water it down but make no mistake, the Republicans want power to micro-manage your every breath just as much as the Democrats and they will fight to keep that power.

Our only real hope is that the individual states will take a stand and fight the federal government on enforcement of this travesty of law.  We might see some weak efforts on this point (go Idaho!!!) but so few states will take such a stance that it will have no effect whatsoever on the tyranny that has just occurred.  

The people, politicians, and justices of this country simply have no concept of freedom nor do they understand basic economics.  Forced health care will kill our world-class health care system and that will kill people.  Yes, I know both are stated liberal goals but neither is good for long-term success as a world power.  These morons on the Supreme Court have literally doomed us all.  The ramifications of this will take decades to fully realize but they will be harsh and they will be fatal to millions of Americans.    

Grab your torches and pitchforks everybody.  This is an outrage!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Really America?!? Drones?!?

Drones patrolling American cities?  Yep, welcome to my Orwellian nightmare.  We now have drones patrolling American cities in 20 states.   

Please understand this.  The drones are not patrolling war zones nor are they being used to stop the overflow of illegal immigrants into our country.  They are being used to spy on YOU.  It is that simple.  Your government is becoming so desperate to control you that it is willing to spy on you with military technology and it isn't even concerned that you know it is watching.

Why would it be?  They have been openly monitoring cell phones, landlines, email, text messages, and even listening in on Onstar without warrants for years and nobody seemed to care.  They have been planting GPS devices on our cars, searching our trash, and did I mention listening in on Onstar, and nobody cares.   They have granted themselves the authority to kidnap and kill you without a trial or having to even disclose the reason so why should anyone care that the government that can kill or imprison you can also watch your every move?

Really America?  Is this the future we want for our children?  We want a nanny-state that not only dictates but closely monitors every move we make?  Even the dumbest of the die-hard liberals and republitards should agree that drones over American cities is going too far.  How could anyone other that government officials and the manufacturers of drones ever support such oppressive measures?

Now if you are somehow too stupid to be bothered by the fact that drones are now spying on American citizens on American soil could you at least realize and be a little bothered by the realization that these drones have the capability to carry weapons?  Please.  Be bugged at least a little.  Because that is the only way our country has any hope at all.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Obamacare Criminal Fines -- Bring It On

Yesterday and today our Supreme Court has been hearing arguments on the constitutionality of Obamacare. No, I won't waste any time on links for this one because it is irrelevant how they ultimately decide this issue.

That's right, regardless of what the Supreme Court says, forcing American citizens to buy ANYTHING is plainly unconstitutional. If this is a free country then there won't even be a debate on the issue.

Furthermore, I won't buy health insurance if the government continues to try to force me to do so. I will resist even if it means dumping my employer's health plan, paying my own medical bills, dying in the street, or rotting in prison for refusing to pay the fines. Hear it clearly, I will never pay a fine for refusing to buy into Obamacare. NEVER. Prison is a more attractive option to me.

This is no joke. Freedom sometimes takes great risk and sacrifice and I will be happy to clog the courts and prisons rather than succumb to Obama's tyranny.

Frankly, I should not have to take such a stand. Anyone who rules as President should protect, rather than destroy, American freedom. Similarly, the states should refuse to enforce Obamacare at every level. Tell the federal government to shove it. I certainly will. And finally, prosecutors should refuse to prosecute these so-called "crimes." They too should tell Obama to shove it.

Have I mentioned that I certainly will?